2012 Season – Rebound Rumble

Team Implosion, is team #2484 of FIRST Robotics. Every year we build a robot and compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). 

This year our robot, Vector, is competing in the FRC competition titled Rebound Rumble.

 As teams compete their robots must be able to traverse obstacles. Field obstructions include either going over a four inch tall, steel barrier or being able to lower a "bridge" that is a foot off of the ground. The bridge is a self-levering teetter-totter, requiring robots to be able to lower the bridge each time they want to use it.

Finally, robots have to navigate past and coordinate with other robots that are on the field. At the start of each match robots are grouped onto two teams with three robots on each team. These groups are called "Alliances" and can vary from match to match.

At the start of each year teams find out about their competition. Teams then have six weeks to design, build, program, and test a robot that they will then compete with. After those six weeks their robot is bagged and is off limits to the team. The team cannot fix, repair, touch, or even make measurements on a bagged robot. When a team's event arrives teams are then permitted to move their robot to that event. At the three-day event teams are permitted to work on their robot. Following the event teams must re-bag their robots and the same bagging rules apply.


Jeanne Wagstaff - Teacher Advisor
Eric Tolman - Coach (2009-2014)
Terry and Melanie Haws - Coaches (2008-2014)
John & Trudy Hansen (2012-2014)
Pete Richards - (2012-2013)
Allen Simonsen (2012-2013)
Bryce Brunner - (2010-2012)


Merick Durtschi - Team President
Matt Tolman - Programming President
Taylor Beard
Nicholas Smith
Brittany Brunner - Safety Captain
Steven Petersen

Jonathan Smith
Riley McEwan

Jessica Tolman
Peter Hansen
Katelyn Haws
Adam Simonson
Nicholas Kapp
Michael Thompson
Zeke Newren 
Peter Burnett
Tanner Walker
Austin Richards - Co-Saftey Captain

Arthur Tucker - Webmaster


The sponsors of Team Implosion make it possible for us to build our robots and participate in competitions.  We are in desperate need of sponsors for the 2012 season.  Potential sponsors: Please note that donations to our robotics team through the Davis School District Foundation can be classified as charitable donations for tax purposes! For more information about sponsorship levels click here.


Platinum ($1000-$2999)





BAE Systems




                        Williams Company





Titanium Level ($500 - $999)

Honeywell Corporation

Midgley-Huber, Inc.

Carrier - A United Technologies Company

Electronic Arts

Eric Tolman



Tushar Mountain Technical Associates


Copper Level ($300 - $499)

Steel Level ($100 - $299)


Bountiful Tunex








Iron Level ($25 - $99)

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Haws, Jr.