2011 Season – Logomotion




The objective of Logomotion is to carry inner tubes, shaped like the FIRST logo, across a field and then place them on pegs up to 9 feet high. To score bonus points, a team can make a "minibot" which will then climb up a vertical pole.

Our Design

To accomplish this goal, we have created Maximus. Maximus is a robot with an arm that has both a shoulder and a wrist joint. On the end of the arm is a claw that we use to hold onto the tubes as we move on the field. Our drive system consists of two motors, one for each side. These motors are connected to three wheels each, two of which are omni-wheels and the other is rubber. The omni-wheels have small rollers attatched to them which allows our robot to spin with more ease. We are able to communicate with the robot wirelessly by using an onboard router. This allows us to control the robot using a computer.
Our Mini-Bot

Our minibot uses four wheels to help it climb up the pole. These wheels have rubber treads to help give it traction as it climbs. To place our minibot on the pole, we have a deploying mechanism on the side of our robot. This mechanism has the mini-bot resting on top of it. When we want to deploy it pushes the mini-bot out, which then latches onto the pole and begins to climb. To control the mini-bot we use a motor controller from a LEGO Mindstorms NXT set.