2010 Season – Breakaway

In the year 2010, we created our third robot, "Time Twister." Time Twister was designed to kick a ball over large bumps on the playing field in order for it to score points. To create a powerful kicker, our team created a pendulum powered by a piston and enhanced with surgical tubing. It was able to score points from center and far field, and would oftentimes score points during autonomous mode. We found that our robot did well in the middle section, especially in autonomous mode. It was able to launch balls into our scoring zone. It was also tall enough so that when balls were returned into play, it could position itself to have the balls bounce off of it and into our scoring zone, thus keeping our alliance with plenty of balls to use for scoring. However, it turned out to be top heavy and could not traverse the large bumps.

We were able to play exceptionally well, placing 6 out of 33 teams in the Salt Lake regional and came 11 out of 46 in the Las Vegas Regional. We made it to the quarter finals as an alliance captain, the first year that we were able to do so.




Bryce Brunner
Greg McMurray – Web Mentor

Jeanne Wagstaff - Teacher Advisor

Eric Tolman - Coach
Terry and Melanie Haws - Coaches

Peter Strazdins



Ty Haws - President
Tayson Holzer
Jessica Hertig
Elizabeth MacDonald
Brianne Bell
Mat Anderson

Claudia Solis

Merick Durtschi
Matt Tolman
Brittany Brunner
Robert Gates
Jacob Platt


Titanium Level ($500 - $999)

Copper Level ($300 - $499)

Steel Level ($100 - $299)

Bountiful Tunex