2009 Season – Lunacy



In response to FIRST's 2009 challenge, Lunacy, we built ORION.  After our knowledge of robot-building from 2008, we found that some areas were much easier and some were totally different.  It is designed to drive on almost frictionless surface called regolith and has special wheels that ensure that near-frictionlessness.  The basic design allows us to accomplished every task provided by the competition.  Using an arm powered by two pneumatic cylinders (one in the y axis and one in the x axis), ORION drops a rake down over the opening in our robot, where we will trap the balls that we must pick up.  It then pulls the balls up a ramp into a basket which sits on the back of the robot.  With the use of a third pneumatic cylinder, the basket it fired like a catapult and the balls launch, hopefully into opposing robot's trailers, where they will score points.

We started by building the base of Orion, which would have been completed relatively quickly if we had received the correct gears in the kit of parts.  It was just our luck that one of the gears was missing, so after a week and a half, our new gear arrived and we had a moving base the following day.  And slowly, we began building up the robot.  First, the electronics were mounted to the base, then the superstructure where our cylinders were mounted was added.  Because of the delay in getting our cylinders, we were in a rush at the end of the build period to get everything mounted and working.  But, just in time to ship, everything was completed.



Dan & Debbie Hammon - Founders
Nelson Holzer
Roland Stanger
Troy Giles

David Gates
Greg McMurray
Jeanne Wagstaff - Teacher Advisor
Eric Tolman - Coach


Steven Hammon - President
Rachel Stanger

Ty Haws
Tayson Holzer
Mat Anderson

Merick Durtschi
Matt Tolman
Brittany Brunner
Robert Gates
Bob Monroe
David Giles



The sponsors of Team Implosion make it possible for us to build our robots and participate in competitions.  We thank all those who have contributed.

Titanium Level ($500 - $999)


Honeywell Corporation

Midgley-Huber, Inc.

Carrier - A United Technologies Company


Tushar Mountain Technical Associates


Copper Level ($300 - $499)

Steel Level ($100 - $299)

Iron Level ($25 - $99)

Durtschi Int.
Parson's Bakery - Donating donuts
Fresh Market - Supplying discount donuts