2008 Season – FIRST Overdrive



January 5, 2008 saw the beginning of huge things for Team Implosion.  The Hammons, the founders of Team Implosion, traveled up to Idaho Falls to attend the kickoff and receive our kit of parts.  The rest of the team watched the webcast of the kickoff and saw the game animation for the competition for 2008: FIRST Overdrive.  That evening, we all met together at Woods Cross High School, where we began that process of planning our first robot, which came to be known as NITRO.

This kit included two bins full of electronics and mechanical parts in value of over $40000. We started brainstorming, which took up the next couple meetings. Different groups proposed different solutions to the problem before us and, after voting, we decided a the plan. We were able to set up shop in a vacated car shop for about four weeks. We got an official notice from FIRST notifying us that one of the sensors that they had sent us was defective. When we got another one and installed it, we couldn't get a consistent reading that was useful.

While the build gurus were putting the metal together, the electronics and programming geniuses of the team were creating code and putting wires together in order to animate that piece of metal. Working with the mentor, all team members learned the how and why of the circuitry of the robot. We hooked up battery to the control board, a whole bunch of electronic parts, and the remote control and receiver to be able to control a motor with the joy sticks. To get an idea of how our planned robot would function, the team modeled the arms and compared their reach to the height of the ball atop the overpass.

The design of our robot called for the use of two chain-driven wheels sitting in the middle of each side of the robot and four casters sitting on the four corners. The casters we chose to use gave us problems in that they weren't able to swivel all the way around, so we had to "modify" them. We had to do the reverse of our first modification at the actual competition to get better control.

On one of our very last days of the build season, we left the ATK shop and brought NITRO to Woods Cross High School. We got it there in time to show it off to the student body in the commons right after school.While we were showing off NITRO, we had arranged for a news reporter to come and interview the team and get footage to put on the news that night. They interviewed Steve, the Team President, and put a total of about 20 glorifying seconds of NITRO on the news that night! We set up an obstacle course for team members to guide NITRO around, and then we modified the program to try and solve the problems. The problems as they stood at this time were as follows: NITRO's driving wouldn't respond very quickly to the joystick.



Dan & Debbie Hammon - Founders
Nelson Holzer
Roland Stanger

Mark Wigren
Jonathan Bradshaw
Terry and Melanie Haws - Coaches



Michael Bradshaw
Taylor Geisler
Drew Henrie
Tyler Wigren
Dirk Anderson

Steven Hammon - President
Grant Hammon
MaryAnn Hammon
Rachel Stanger

Ty Haws
Tayson Holzer
Mat Anderson
Hutch Smith




Rookie Inspiration Award -

Our team received this honor during our Rookie year, 2007 - 2008, at the Las Vegas Regional Competition. The Rookie Inspiration Award "celebrates the rookie team's outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering and engineers both within their school, as well as in their community." Our excitement about the robotics experience, our outreach to schools in our area, including elementary schools, and our inclusion of local businesses as sponsors and supporters helped to prepare us to receive this award. We are honored.

Website Excellence Award -

TeamImplosion.com received this award, which "recognizes excellence in student-designed, built, and managed FIRST team websites." The site was designed by Tayson Holzer and Ty Haws, with the help of our wonderful website mentor, Greg McMurray, using GoogleSites. It was regularly updated and displayed very colorful pages.